Fraser Valley

 Snowboard Club

Nothing SNOWBOARDINARY about it.

OFF SEASON Snowboard Training! 

We are committed to shredding year round!  Wake boarding at Valley Wake Park 
no doubt is the best way to stay on a board through the off season!   

Valley Wake Park, May - Sept is the Lower Mainland's FIRST and only Cable Wakeboarding Park!  

Featuring two Sesitec System 2.0 Cable Systems! Cable Wakeboarding is the easiest way to get back on a board and out on the water!  These cable systems are a great way to introduce yourself to the awesome world of wakeboarding/wakeskating. A fun way to gain strength and conditioning in the off season and practice jump and rail tricks

Aerial Awareness


 The aerial program focuses on rider awareness in the air, development of tricks, landing development and agility. Some core strength and stretching are included.

  For riders who want to get better this off snow program is essential.  To progress in freestyle athletes need to be aware of where they are in the air. 

  Learning and practicing freestyle tricks off-snow makes on-snow progression faster and safer.

 NOTE: This is a specialized program teaching off axis aerial maneuvers.

Flying Trapeze is located in Pitt Meadows  BC,    Gymnastics is a “core” sport, teaching skills that will help in any other sport you try in their lives. Gymnastic skills provide the ability to acquire “general motor skills” which are inherent in many other sports.

Trampoline Training includes specialized instruction provided by certified Air1/2 Canada Snowboard Coach and use of the Bounce Board, designed for specifically for snowboarders