Fraser Valley

 Snowboard Club

Nothing SNOWBOARDINARY about it.


- Friday evening snowboard shred sessions at Sasquatch Mountain (formerly Hemlock Valley) Terrain Park with Pro Coach/es

- Sanctioned events - FREE Participation in the CS RIDER EVENT 

-Organized activities, Club affiliation at away events and Jams 

- Club stickers, tee shirt and other awesome swag!

*All  members are required to register with BC Snowboard Assn. - About $30 (Includes Membership with Canadian Snowboard Federation) before participating in Club events.  Register for a Basic Membership at:

(mini shreds can be as young as 8 upon coach's approval)

Progression Model

The model (below) shows how an athlete would move from their first few snowboard lessons at a resort Snow School (like Hemlock Valley Snow School), through rider improvement multi-week programming (FVSC Rider Membership), followed by (FVSC Snowboard Team)  entering and developing in competitive snowboarding

(FVSC is LTAD Stage 3 and up)

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Spring/Summer and Fall!

Year round board training is available through our wake board partners Valley Wake Park and Club Aviva. You don't have to stop shredding because winter is over!  Shred with us all year round!