Fraser Valley

 Snowboard Club

Nothing SNOWBOARDINARY about it.


FVSC snowboard shred sessions at Sasquatch Mountain and/or Mt. Seymour - FRIDAY NIGHTS (check the calendar) pre-registration is mandatory. 

Pro Coach/es 

-Organized activities, Club affiliation at rail jams 

*All  members are required to also register with BC Snowboard Assn. -  $10 Limited Membership with Canadian Snowboard Federationb efore participating in Club events.  Register for a LIMITED Membership at:

(mini shreds can be as young as 8 upon coach's approval)

Progression Model

The model (below) shows how an athlete would move from their first few snowboard lessons at a resort Snow School (like Hemlock Valley Snow School or Mt. Seymour Snow school), through to a competitive multi-week program (FVSC Snowboard Comp/Podium Teams)  entering and developing in competitive snowboarding

(FVSC is LTAD Stage 3 and up)

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