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Shred year round! Trampoline Aerial, Dryland/Conditioning and Wakeboarding is the best way to stay on top of your game through the off season!   

Aerial Awareness

  The aerial program focuses on athlete awareness in the air, development of tricks, landing development and agility. Dryland conditioning includes core strength building and stretching.

  For riders who want to get better this off snow program is essential. To progress in freestyle athletes need to be aware of where they are in the air.

  Learning and practicing freestyle tricks off-snow makes on-snow progression faster and safer.

  NOTE: These are a specialized snowboard specific programs, teaching off-axis aerial maneuvers.


These 2-DAY AERIAL CAMPS, at the Airhouse in Squamish are Canada Snowboard sanctioned aerial training for high performance snowboard athletes, specializing in off axis and big air maneuvers. This program is restricted to Podium Team/Comp Team athletes only. Space is limited

"That early season aerial training makes a big difference in their progression. It's really noticeable," Coach Nic Heringa

Trampoline Training includes specialized instruction provided by certified Air1/2 Canada Snowboard Coach and use of the Bounce Board, designed for specifically for snowboarders!  

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