Fraser Valley

 Snowboard Club

Nothing SNOWBOARDINARY about it.


Jake McCann
CS Coach/FVSC Coach Coordinator

Dane Kaechele

Nic Heringa 

Jasper Fast

Dylan Heppner

Nic HERINGA - Pro/CS Coach

Nic's the former BC Freestyle Development Team coach and Pro snowboarder.  Steeped neck deep in the snowboarding culture, Nic is a staple on the local mountains. He coaches at Camp of Champions in the summer and is the founder/owner of Salmon Arms gloves and Halibut Hats. Any winter morning you can find Nic with a Salmon Arms glove wrapped around a coffee, one boot binded in, stomping side hits on his way to first chair.

Dylan HEPPNER - CS Coach

Dylan, a Canada Snowboard coach was born a boarder and has been riding BC mountains since he was a child. He has a passion for the terrain park - but any kind of park will do.  It is not uncommon to see him throw down a flip or inverted rotation at the wake park in the summer, the bike park in spring, or the terrain park in the Winter!    

Dane KAECHELE - Pro/CS Coach

Former BC Provincial Freestyle Team Coach and Pro Snowboarder Dane Kaechele, is a 'secret weapon' and one of the few, dedicated and committed, national level coaches in BC.  He has made it his business to develop young talented snowboarders into podium athletes.  He created the PODIUM TEAM and it's training schedule to rival some of the best snowboard programs in the country. 

Jasper FAST - CS COACH/CASI Instructor

Jasper is a BC ProvinciaFreestyle Snowboard Team Alumni, Canada Snowboard Coach and CASI Instructor. He grew up riding at Hemlock Valley and in Mt. Seymour's terrain park.  Always spreading the stoke, building jumps, thinking 'outside the box' and taking riding to the next level.You won't miss seeing him at any rail jam or comp, sending it huge for a spot on the podium or a fist full of cash.

Andrew van BUUREN - CS Air1/Air2 COACH

Andrew van Buuren is one of a few Canada Snowboard Air 1/Air 2 trampoline coaches in Western Canada.  He has worked at Club Aviva Gymanstics for almost a decade and has produced numerous provincial champion gymnasts and brought many to podium finishes at the national level.