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Jake McCann

CANADA SNOWBOARD (CS) Coach/FVSC Coach Coordinator

Nic Heringa


Jasper Fast


Kory McCann


Niko Pavlakos


Laura Munro


Nic HERINGA - Pro/CS Coach/CASI Instructor

Nic's the former BC Freestyle Development Team coach and Pro snowboarder. Steeped neck deep in the snowboarding culture, Nic is a staple on the local mountains. He coached at Camp of Champions for many years and is the founder/owner of Salmon Arms gloves and Halibut Hats. Any winter morning you can find Nic with a Salmon Arms glove wrapped around a coffee, one boot binded in, stomping side hits on his way to first chair.

Jasper FAST - Pro/CS Coach/CASI Instructor

Jasper is a BC Provincial Freestyle Snowboard Team Alumni, Canada Snowboard Coach and CASI Instructor. He grew up riding at Hemlock Valley and in Mt. Seymour's terrain park. Always spreading the stoke, building jumps, thinking 'outside the box' and taking riding to the next level.You won't miss seeing him at any rail jam or comp, sending it huge for a spot on the podium or a glove full of cash. Jasper recently jumped into the Pro category and continues to kill it in comps.

Kory McCANN- CS Coach/CASI Park Instructor

Kory's been training, riding and competing with FVSC for almost a decade. He is an all mountain rider with a relaxed style and a love of the park. He has a ton of competition experience as a national champion wakeboarder, is on the provincial wakeboard team and was a sponsored athlete on the Monster Snowboard and Wakeboard Development Teams. As the youngest member of the FVSC coaching team, he's stoked to share his love of snowboarding, and knowledge of competition, with our newest team athletes.  

Niko PAVLAKOS - CS Coach

Niko is a natural athlete whose love of board sports - snowboarding, skimboarding and skateboarding - has fueled his passion and gained him industry respect with multiple brand sponsoships. A Podium Team grad who made his way to the provincial podium and established himself as a pro-worthy athlete. He is excited to share his love of side hits and big park features with up and coming shredders and help build the next generation of park riders. 

Laura MUNRO - CS Coach/CASI Park Instructor

Laura is a seasoned coach and one of the best female snowboarders in BC. Having instructed Mt. Seymour's Progression Team for many years, she comes with loads of teaching experience and the stoke to match. She is a pro level athlete and is featured in Jess Kimura's Video "The Uninvited" and "The Uninvited 2". With the gnarliest of skill, she regularly shows the park boys how it's done and doesn't hesitate to throw in a sense of style that is true to her.

Laura is excited to share her decades of knowledge and stoke with the pros of tomorrow.

- Edwin Poulston Photo

JR COACH - MATEO BRAVO - CASI INSTRUCTOR - Mateo is a former alumni of the FVSC Podium Team and is a fun-loving creative athlete who enjoys spreading his excitement for snowboarding.  Mateo stomps tricks and kills the rail game.  

GROM COACH - Lia MILLS - CASI Instructor/CANADA SNOWBOARD COACH - Formerly Progression Team coach. Lia's expertise is in the fundamentsl of snowboarding. She has worked as a coach and insructor at Mt. Seymour for many years.  

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